Looking to the future

If any of our readers have spent time in Japan, they'll know just how swiftly shops here move on from each holiday season. Just a day beyond Halloween, and the candies and monster themed goods are already gone and replaced with the next big festival. For us, it can take a little longer to get all our decorations down, and mentally start preparation for our next big event, but we have started the process of uploading our Halloween ideas, ready for October. Our first new game is the "Can Stacking game". Check it out at the link below.

Halloween Can Stacking game

And for those of you who may still want to see the games and activities we prepared for Easter, don't worry, we haven't packed those away yet - you can still find the games in our "Games for parties", and the lesson plans in our "lesson plans for small groups" sections.

can stacking game for halloween esl party lesson build the tower