Candy Cane Slide and Drop

Online compatible : No

Age group : Best played with students aged between 8 and 12

Materials :

  • 3 Candy canes for each team

  • A long piece of string for each team

  • Three plastic bottles with their caps removed for each team

Preparation time : 5 minutes to set up the game

Number of players : Plays best in groups, but would work in private classes as a timed challenge for teacher and student

Instructions :

Stand two players apart from each team at either side of the room, holding one separate ends of a long piece of string between them. Place the three plastic bottles under the centre point of each team's string. On "Go" teams hook one candy cane over their string and, by lifting and bringing the string down at either end, race their opponents to slide their candy canes over a bottle and lower it in. The first team to lower 3 candy canes into three bottles scores a point for their team. It is now the turn of the next students in the teams. Once everyone has had a go, scores are counted and the highest scoring team wins.