Climbing Man Race Papercraft

Videos were recorded in an online class of two students aged between 8 and 10.

Online compatible : Yes – The instructional video above was recorded over Skype software, and a technical issue resulted in the teacher being unable to see the students, yet the students were able to follow instructions to complete the craft and play the game. However, teachers of easily frustrated students ought to be aware that without the advantage of a clear view of all angles it can be very difficult to follow crafts online, especially in a different language.

Age group : Best played by students aged between 9 and 11

Materials :

  • Half a sheet of A4 paper for each student

  • scissors for each student

  • coloured pens for each student

Preparation time : None, but if the lesson is being taught online, make completely sure that students have all necessary materials ready for class.

Number of players : Works equally well in groups as in private classes

Objective : To be the team with the most points.

climbing man craft example from esl classroom games for english lessons with a little fun

Upon completion of the craft, it should look like the image above. Students can choose how they wish to decorate the toy (in this instance, the goal line is a carrot, and the rocket has become a rabbit).

Instructions :

As a class, follow the instructions of the video to create the toy. Once the toy is created the game is a standard race against one another.

Divide the class into teams. Have all students position the rocket at the bottom of the toy. On "GO!", students wiggle the sides of the papercraft toy to raise the rocket from the bottom and up. The first student whose rocket is able to cross the goal line scores a point for their team.

Follow the instructions of the video above to create the papercraft toy.