Online compatible : Yes - Very little needs changing. Make sure that you are using large, thick lines when you write the letters, so that your students can see what has been written easily, and you're good to go.

Age group : Best played with students aged 9 and over, and requires an ability to read and spell.

Materials :

  • A marker

  • A whiteboard

Preparation time : Minimal (A couple of minutes at most)

Number of players : Works equally well in groups as in private lessons.

Objective : To guess all of the letters of the word without first completing the hangman.

Instructions :

Choose a word that students are able to spell, and draw dashes on the board equal to the number of letters of the word. Next to this draw a stickman in a gallows using the same number of lines as is drawn in the image below. Students guess letters from the word. If a guess is correct, write the letter on the line indicating its position in the word. Each time a guess is made incorrectly, draw a line of a second identical gallows beside your first. With each mistaken guess draw additional lines. The game is won if all of the letters of the word have been correctly identified. The game is lost, if a second gallows is completed.

*If gallows are too gruesome, change the picture to something more appealing. A stickman beaming into a UFO is a popular alternative.*