Hot Potato

Online compatible : Yes - It would be impossible to play hot potato with a ball online, so the best way would be for the teacher to call out students names each time the virtual ball has been tossed.

Age group : Fun for all ages

Materials :

  • A ball or something soft to throw

Preparation time : None

Number of players : Works equally well in groups as in private lessons

Objective : To be the last student standing

Instructions :

First, ask your class to stand up. Begin the game by saying the first letter of the alphabet and a word that begins with that letter, then pass the ball to the next student on your right. Indicate to that student that they must say a word that begins with the letter B before passing the ball to the right again. Now give the students just ten seconds to think of their word. You can at this point introduce a topic for students to base their words around. Students that are unable to produce a word in the time limit must sit down. The

winning student is the last one standing.

For lower level students allow any English word beginning with the letter. For higher level students you could increase the challenge by choosing a topic that students words should be relevant to. Possible topics could be animals, food, sports, the sea, or things that can be found in your classroom.