Picture Guess

Online compatible : Yes - If you are planning to have students also take turns playing this game. You ought to make sure beforehand that all students have a piece of paper and a pen that draws thick lines, because thin, lightly drawn lines are almost impossible to see, especially for students with a bad internet connection or who are using a small screen to take their online classes.

Age group : Fun for all ages

Materials :

  • A marker

  • A whiteboard

Preparation time : None

Number of players : Works equally well in groups as in private lessons.

Objective : To be the player with the most points.

Instructions :

Assign one student as the 'artist'. That student should come to the front of the class and take a marker. Teachers should then secretly show the 'artist' the word that they should draw. The 'artist' must then draw a picture of the word on the board for the other students to guess. If a student guesses correctly they win a point. After each round, choose a new drawer.

There are many ways that Picture Guess can be varied to keep it fresh. For an extra level of difficulty why not try having your students play it blindfolded, or have them draw with their non - writing hand. For a more communicative approach, without telling the student with the pen what they are drawing, have their classmates instruct them what to draw using directional commands. On completion the ARTIST must then guess what has been drawn.