Textbook Races

Online compatible : Yes - This game plays very nicely online. The only trouble can come from students who have a slow internet connection. Make absolutely sure everyone has understood the letter or letter combination before proceeding with the race or it could lead to frustration.

Age group : Best played with students aged between 6 and 10

Materials :

  • A textbook available to each team

  • A bell

Preparation time : None

Number of players : Works equally well in groups as in private lessons

Objectve : To be the team with the most points

Instructions :

Divide the class into teams and if available place a bell equidistant from all teams . If there is no bell students can just raise their hands. During each round the teacher provides either a letter or a combination of letters to the class. The class practice the phonetic sound produced with the letter or letter combination after the teacher. After practicing, give students a count of 3, then they should begin searching their textbooks for an example of what they have just practiced. If they find a word that contains that letter or letter combination, they must ring the bell and correctly pronounce the word. If they have

pronounced the word correctly their team receives one point. Incorrect pronunciation means that they must return to their textbooks and find another example before the opposition team. The winner is the team with the most points.