Easter is over, long live Halloween!!

Well, Easter has been and gone in the blink of an eye. Thank you to all of the teachers who came to our site, looking for ideas for their own party classes. It seems that our Easter Junior High School party class was especially appreciated. It is certainly trickier to find games and crafts to amuse children as they get older. Still, in our minds, Easter is long forgotten, and we are already turning to Halloween preparations. We have been working to increase the number of Halloween party games in our roster, as well as organising those games into a lesson plan that includes high energy activities, and calmer activities, so that children don't get overly excited. We've already made 3 lesson plans, and we will be working towards another Junior High School Halloween lesson plan from now. Feel free to browse our ideas from the Lesson Plans for small groups tab, or you may access the page by left-clickin the button below.