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ESL classroom games. We hope you find the ideas within these pages to be useful in your English classroom.

In over 15 years of teaching children we have come to the opinion that the best way to keep children motivated and learning is to play games in lessons. Games without purpose will only lead to misbehaviour, but if games are used to practice language teachers should find that their students become more engaged.

Within the pages of this site we have tried to include as many games as we can, both familiar to many and obscure, so that when searching for ideas, a quick flick through these pages will yield ideas for new games, as well as remind you of games that you had perhaps forgotten. This site is intended for the use of teachers, but we believe that if a site claims to have ideas to make classes fun looks dull and boring, it's own crediblity will be in doubt. That is why we have enlisted the help of Yoko Fujii, an illustrator with years of experience making materials for English classes, and our mascot, Komu, a cat character that we hope adds a little flair and fun.