Schools can seem like very serious and, dare I say it, boring places sometimes, and some teachers may use games to lighten the mood. Students will likely be taking English classes after finishing a full day of school. Unless your students enjoy learning English purely for the joy of studying a new language, which is rare indeed, spending yet more time just sat down listening to a teacher won't be appealing. Your students will be more engaged, and willing to learn, in lessons that are fun. Also, a lot of students worry about failure and making mistakes. They may feel pressure from parents' weight of expectation or the embarrassment of answering questions incorrectly in front of their peers. Consequently, this can decrease student confidence. By using games students can feel more at ease, and therefore be more willing to answer questions, experiment with the language, and less concerned about making mistakes


Games for Parties - Games and activities that can be played in holiday-themed classes, such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

Games for Large Groups - Games and activities that are suited to classes with 10 or more students.

Short Games - Games that are 5-10 minutes in length.

Long games - Games that are 15-20 minutes in length.

Online Games - Games that can be played in online classes.

Popular games

Can students guess right in this simple card game of risk? Students compete to collect the least cards.

You saw it at the Olympics, now play it at the school. A fun and challenging way to start class.

Tic-Tac-Toe taken to the next level of strategy. Up to 4 teams battle to be crowned champion.

Can your older students keep a straight face as they try to trick their classmates?

Battle your classmates and collect all four letters to win.

This cheap and thrilling tabletop game requires a careful aim and a steady hand to win.