Lesson plans for small groups

English lessons conducted at Eikaiwa schools in Japan tend to have a limited space, and as a result, the number of students is usually also limited to at most 10 students. Classes are usually sorted by the level and ages of the students. Of our own experience, certainly in the big cities, students may not be coming to classes of their own volition, instead their parents may be forcing them to join. In such cases, students motivation to study can be low, and since students may not know each other outside of the English classroom they may also be feeling nervous. To put these students at ease and for the enjoyment and motivation of the class as a whole, games play a vital role.

Each of the games and activities detailed here has been selected or created for their adaptability to smaller group classes, and proven in classes to be enjoyable for all levels of young language learners.

The image above was taken in an Eikaiwa school in Japan with a class of four young English learners.

Infant classes (Ages 3-6)

Elementary school classes A (Ages 6-9)

Elementary school classes B (Ages 10-12)

Junior high school classes (Ages 12-15)