Getting the most out of the site

There are many websites boasting excellent English games, but from experience the games have tended to be specifically designed to practice certain language, meaning that they can only actually be played if we are teaching the exact language used in the games. Our own games, however, have been intentionally designed to be generic, and therefore possible to use to practice any target language.

Teachers looking for games to play in their English classroom need only left click the "Games" drop down menu at the top of the website, find the category that best describes their class, and choose. Instructions are provided, along with materials, and where possible we have also included videos. For the benefit of any teachers unsure of how to fit our games might fit into lesson plans, we have also written up lesson plans we have used in past English classes. These also can be accessed at the drop down menu, under the tab "Lesson plans". Teachers can use these plans as templates to their own lesson plans, and are also welcome to use our plans to teach classes of their own.