It’s official – We’re live!!

The moorings are off. Our website has finally been set adrift in the vast ocean that is the world wide web.

It has been years since we first started work on the resource book that was to eventually make up a large portion of the "Short games" section of our website, and since then we have discovered and created many more games to supplement English lessons. Our Facebook page has grown from 20 to currently 1300 followers, for whom we are eternally grateful for the support. It's been a long journey, but we're glad we shared it with you all.

We are aware that many sections of this site remain incomplete. This site is still a work in progress, but we hope that the current content can provide our supporters, and English teachers the world over with some fresh ideas. We promise from now to keep filling the site with new and exciting content.

Right now, we are focussed on making games for Easter parties, such as the "egg" maze of the photo, a blast from our 2018 classes. This particular game took months to make, but our focus generally is on games that are fun and can be prepared in a short time. Sometimes we do like to treat our students. Check back regularly for updates.