March Launch Approaching

With our official launch date firmly set at March 1st, our primary goal has been to complete our 12-week program of lesson plans for large groups of 3-6 year old students in time for release. Filming of the main game, "Crash Janken", of our 12th lesson took place on February 24th, 2023, and editing of the footage was completed the day following (See video above). The lesson plan can be accessed, along with the 11 previous lesson plans that make up the series, from the "lesson plans for large group" link of the drop-down menu at the top. Each lesson plan includes detailed descriptions of necessary materials, instructions, videos of songs, and links to games. We hope that the ideas presented in these plans may give teachers a better understanding of how we use our games to make lesson more fun and interactive for the children. Role on March 1st!!