March official website launch

Although we have given advanced access to our site on request, we have yet to announce the launch of our website on social media. Our intended official launch date is March 1st. In the meantime we will continue to increase the content of our website by recording more videos of our games, editing footage, and discovering new games to share. Since our last blog post, we have completed two new videos; an instructional video for our "Pull the Petal" game, and a video from our kindergarten classes singing the "Walking song" which will be included among our lesson plans for group classes.

We have also been busy preparing our own school for some upcoming Easter-themed party classes with a couple of new additions to our Easter game roster. See below.

An Easter egg battle game where teams go head-to-head to shoot as many Easter eggs into the other teams half in a minute.

An egg rolling team challenge to twist and turn a course set along a bamboo pole to send an Easter egg to the goal without letting it drop.