Reviewed, Renewed, and Replaced

Whenever able, we are constantly adding to the activities and contents of this site, but we are also very conscious of improving on the material we already have available. So, a lot of our effort recently has been working on previously released games, activities and video content, and making sure it's something that we at ESL Classroom Games are entirely proud of, and fully believe that it may be of value to the teachers and visitors to our site.

For English teachers who desparately can't wait for new material, don't be disappointed, we haven't finished adding to our games. Teachers can soon expect a brand new infant lesson plan with free flash cards, as well as another exciting new instructional video for our hugely popular "Four player Tic-Tac-Toe", with footage from an online children English class.

The videos are just a few of the updated videos from our games and songs.

The game concentration can be played on and offline - a versatile and fun game of memorization.

The Walking Song is an entertaining and exciting song for young English learners.