Thanks for coming

Thank you so much for visiting our website. Our staff have been working around the clock piecing it together since August 2022, based on a series of books that began 5 years ago and characters of our chief artist's creation over ten years ago. On writing our facebook page has grown from humble beginnings to over a thousand followers, who we are always eternally grateful to. Without their support Komuni-Kat and all of his friends would still just be wacky doodles of our pet cat from the crazed mind of our artist, and all of the games we have searched, created and modified over the years would be lost.

On the subject of our cat, we would like to thank her for finding us in the rain all those years ago, and the years she has endured living with us. Apart from becoming a mascot in our drawings, she has never once lashed out in anger, not even when confronted with loud and overly energetic toddlers. She truly has the patience of a saint and a heart of gold!