Online compatible : No

Age group : Best played with students aged between 9 and 15

Materials :

  • A deck of playing cards

Preparation time : None

Number of players : 3 or more players

Objective : To be the player with the lowest number of cards

Instructions :

Shuffle and distribute the entire deck of playing cards equally between you and the students. At each turn a student places one or more cards of the same value face down on the table, stating the number and value of the cards, from ace to king, laid. For ease of understanding, the teacher should take the first turn and begin with aces. The next player will be the student to the teachers left. On each turn, one or more cards with an equal value, one higher or one lower to the previous cards must be played. The game continues clockwise. When players find they no longer hold the cards needed to continue they must choose any card from their hand, but keeping a straight face, and try to convince the class that the card is of a value that is either equal, or one higher or lower than the card previously played. If another player suspects the current player of lying, they say the word ‘bluff’, and the disputed cards are revealed to the class. If the player was correctly adjudged to be bluffing, they must take the entire pile of discarded cards. If the player was not bluffing, the challenger must take the discard pile, and play resumes. Once the next player has taken their turn and placed new cards, it is too late to call ‘bluff’ on any previous players. The player with the lowest number of cards when the game ends is the winner