Card Push

Online compatible : No

Age group : Best played with students aged between 6 and 15

Materials :

  • A deck of playing cards

  • A table

Preparation time : None

Number of players : Works equally well in groups as in private lessons.

Objective : To be the player with the most points.

Instructions :

Give a single card to each student. Have students balance their card on the edge of the table. On the count of three all players try to push their card from the edge of their side of the table to as close to the opposite side as possible. If the card goes too far, and falls off the other side, they are disqualified. The player whose card gets closest to the edge wins a point. The sequence of the game is then repeated. When the game is finished,

count up the number of points. The student with the most points wins.

*This game is designed so that it can be played with very little preparation. Teachers with a little extra time on their hands may wish to make and play with target language flashcards instead.