Dancing Santa papercraft

With all of his chimney hopping and sleigh riding, for a older, and larger individual, Santa sure is spritely. But, did you know he also barn dances in his freetime. It's true! And, in celebration of Santas ageless, nibble feet, and for an easy and cheap craft that is sure to amuse your young learners, here'show to make a "Dancing Santa".

Online compatible : Yes – Be aware that, even though this papercraft is very simple, it can still be incredibly difficult to understand and follow instructions online, especially with young learners. Simplify the process as much as possible. Teachers may wish to just send a copy of Appendix A, and have students colour that instead of drawing their own.

Age group : Best enjoyed by students aged between 3 and 7.

Materials :

  • A sheet of paper cut into a square for each student

  • Colouring pens, pencils or crayons

Preparation time : 5 minutes to cut out squares from paper for each student (and print off Appendix A, if teachers want to simplify the craft, and save some lesson time).

Number of players : Works equally well in groups as in private lessons.

Instructions :

1. Start by folding the square-cut paper in half.

2. Fold from the bottom edge to the freshly-creased centre line, and again from the top to the centre.

3. Next repeat steps 1 and 2 by folding your paper in half along the centre, and once again folding from the top and bottom to the centre line.

4. Pull across from the upper overhanging section in both directions and flatten.

5. After completing step 4, your papercraft should resemble a house. Repeat step4 with the bottom, and your craft is complete, and ready for children to decorate.

Appendix A : Sample

Left click on the image above to see full screen.

Permission is granted to edit and print the appendices for use in the classroom