Duck Duck Goose

The video above was taken at a kindergarten in Japan with students aged five to six.

Age group : Best played students aged between 5 and 10

Materials :

  • A soft toy to tap students on heads (Although you could just use your hands)

Preparation time : none

Objective : To avoid being "IT".

Instructions :

Sit students in a large circle. One person is "IT" (for ease of understanding it is recommended that the teacher take this role at first). Each round they walk around the outside of the circle. As they walk they must tap the heads of the other players while saying either "duck" or "goose". If they say "duck" their should be no reaction from the other player, but if the person who is "IT" taps a player and says "goose" they must stand up and chase "IT" around the circle. If they can catch "IT" before they can sit down there is no change, and they remain "IT". If the person who is "IT" can run around the circle and sit down in the player's place without being caught, then that player becomes "IT" instead.