LG How many? 1 – 10 (animals)

Target language : How many ___? 1-10 cats / dogs / rabbits / birds.

Lesson length : 30 minutes.

Class size : Large Group class.

Materials :

  • For “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” : No materials need to be prepared.

  • A printed set of flashcards of the target language

Preparation time : 5 – 10 minutes to prepare the flashcards.

Instructions :

1. Start with the “Hello song”, and a number song, such as “1,2,3,4,5,6,7”. A good version of the song can be found at the link below.


Practice before playing the CD.

2. Show the flashcards to the class and repeat the words together.

3. Play the “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?” game : This game has been a mainstay of playgrounds in England for years but for the purposes of practicing the language of this lesson the original key phrases will be replaced with language of this class. Line students up at one side of the playing area. The teacher stands at the other side with their back to the students. The teacher plays the role of the wolf. Each turn students ask the wolf "How many (an animal from the vocabulary being practiced today)?". The teacher then replies with a number from one to ten, and the name of the animal. In which case, the students then take that many steps towards to teacher. The teacher may also choose to reply with the phrase, "I'm hungry!". In this case, the teacher then turns around and must try to touch one of the students. If the students are able to run back to the start line without being caught they start again from their original positions. If the wolf is able to touch a student, they switch places and that student becomes the wolf.

4. Say or sing goodbye to your students.

Lyrics : Hello, Hello, Hello, how are you?

I'm fine, I'm fine, I hope that you are, too.