More Easter Craft Ideas

While this activity may include parts too fragile to send to online students, it can be a lot of fun for any students taking their Easter party classes in the school.

The eggs are sturdier and easier for students to decorate if they are glued to a base, such as the small plastic container of the photo with feet attached. It is also worth noting that the cress will not germinate if they are drowned in water, so teachers wishing to recreate the activity for their own classes would be advised to place a thick layer of cotton at the bottom of the eggs for cress seeds to sit on, as well as carefully moderating the amount of water they pour into the eggs.

Materials :

  • Paint to decorate the egg

  • An egg with its top removed for each student

  • A base glued to the bottom of each egg for stability when decorating

  • Cotton to place inside the egg

  • Cress seeds to grow from inside the eggs
english easter craft broken egg shell cress pot for lessons teaching children in japan and ESL around the world

The student above was able to successfully grow cress from the head of their Minions egg.

These easter baskets are a cute craft for elementary school students to try. The woven effect was created by cutting downwards from the rim of the paper cups, then threading thinly sliced origami paper in and out of the cuts. We glued two strips of the origami paper together for a thick and more durable handle, then attached them to the sides of the basket. For the nest we put used paper through a shreader, then for our "Happy Easter" message boards we cut chickens from thin styrofoam sheets and pinned them to the egdes of the cups.

Materials :

  • Paper cups

  • Colourful origami paper, cut into thin strips

  • Thin plastic styrofoam sheets to make the chicken message boards

  • Shreaded used paper for the nest

  • Scissors, glue, and pens to write the message with

It can be a real struggle finding crafts that older children enjoy, but by mixing a little science with an opportunity to smash some egg shells into tiny pieces, and you might just get their attention!!

For this activity we gathered a selection of materials from around the school. Our materials included paper cups, string, wooden skewers, some crafting moss, used paper, and tape. We then told the class that we would give them 5 minutes to make a device. When time was up an egg would be placed inside and then the device would be dropped from a 2 metre height. The team whose egg survived the drop with the least damage would be declared the winners.

In our own classes children got real imaginative, and we saw parachutes, paper padding to cushion the impact, a skewer stand, and one group even attempted helicopter blades and wings. We saw a lot of broken eggs, and a lot of smiles. It's a great activity for using up left over materials from around the school!!

Materials :

  • Anything you've got left hanging around that you want to use up.