More Halloween Game ideas

With homework to mark, lessons to prepare, counselling forms to complete, and so much more, teachers are often looking for activities that require little preparation, and we usually make it one of our top priorities when searching for or creating new games, but on the occasion that a teacher finds themselves with a little extra time on their hands, we list here some fun party activities that teachers may like to consider making.

Halloween crazy golf

Why not head over to your local thrift shop and splash out a little, like we did, on a kids plastic golf set?

With Halloween our theme, and Howl's Moving Castle, Find Nemo, and the Walking Dead our inspiration, we built a crazy golf course using cardboard boxes and some paint leftover from painting our front gate.

Materials :

  • Cardboard boxes for putting together the mini golf obstacles

  • Paint for decorating the boxes

  • A childrens' plastic golf set

Very Mini Golf

If mini golf just isn't small enough, teachers could even make tabletop courses. Teams take turns knocking a pea sized ball from the start, avoiding obstacles, such as the haunted woods, eyeballs, and skull tunnel (not pictured) and traversing ramps to be the first to reach the goal.

Materials :

  • One large cardboard box opened out to make one big playing surface

  • Obstacles, ramps and barriers to make the course more difficult

  • A miniature golfing

front of the shooting gallery game

back of the shooting gallery game

Halloween target Shooting Gallery

Though admittedly we may not have been able to craft our Halloween target gallery game had we not had a skilled carpenter in our employment that year, a similar game with fewer moving parts would be no less fun. Our own game had various stages, with children challenged to hit moving targets that appeared and disappeared using shooters made with paper cups and split balloons of their own construction. In online classes the game was played with one teacher at the controls of the shooting gallery, and the second teacher holding a plastic toy gun and the web camera. The student then gave commands to the teacher when and where to shoot.

Materials :

  • 3 cardboard boxes

  • String to bind boxes together and for greater control of opening doors

  • a device for students to shoot the targets - either a plastic toy gun for online classes or a blaster made with a paper cup and split balloon