Over and Under

The video above was taken at a community centre in Japan with students aged six to nine.

Age group : Best played students aged between 5 and 12


  • A soft object for each team.

Preparation time : 10 to 15 minutes to prepare the flashcards

Objective : To be the team to score the most points at the end of the game.

Instructions :

Split the class into two teams. Mark out a start and finish line and make sure students understand where the race will begin and end. Line students up at the start line with their backs to the finish line. Give the first student of each team a ball or soft object. On the count of three the race begins, and they must pass the object over their heads to the second student. The first student runs to the back of the line, and the second student then passes the object through their legs to the third student. The second student runs to the back of the line and the sequence then begins again with the third student passing over their head. Once the one of the teams has crossed the finish line, they win a point for their team. After playing a couple of games, count the points. the winning team has the most points.

Although it is our wish that teachers coming to our website decide how they may wish to implement the activities of our website, this game is particularly good for practicing sequences such as numbers, or the alphabet, although it could also be used to practice a short question and response - the first student would say a question while passing the object over their head, then the second would answer as they passed the object through their legs. The sequence would then repeat.