Ping Pong Launcher craft

If you'RE GONNa meet ghouls and goblins at Halloween, you'd better be prepared! Make a cool ping pong launcher with your class to battled the forced of evil, should they rear their ugly faces.

shark shooting game with ping pong launcher. shoot teeth out of shark to swim

In one class, having each made Ping Pong Launchers beforehand, we shot teeth out of a scary shark to score points for our teams.

Materials necessary for class :

  • A balloon for each student

  • A paper cup

  • Strong Masking tape

Equipment that students will use in the lesson :

  • Colour pens, pencils, or crayons, if students want to personalize their launcher

  • Scissors

Make sure the paper cups are a thick material. Our paper cups were too weak, and when we tried attaching them to the bases of the cups the balloons kept crushing them, so we bought thick plastic cups to put inside the paper cups and reenforce them. The balloons were then attached to the inner plastic cup, so no masking tape IS visible.

Instructions :

  • Without inflating, cut the bottom off the balloon. Then, cut the bottom out of the paper cup.
  • Stretch the bottom of the balloon over the freshly-made hole in the bottom of the cup, and pull it up the sides of the paper cup like a sock, so that it reaches roughly a quarter of the cup.
  • Use the masking tape to wrap around the cup and balloon to fix the balloon in position.
  • The Ping Pong Launcher is now complete. Students may wish to decorate their launcher at this point.

  • Students place a ball into the cup, pull back the neck of the balloon, and release to fire the ball at targets.
how to make ping pong launcher for halloween craft class