SG Elementary School Class A : Lets make (and other useful verbs for crafts)!

Lesson length : 50 minutes.

Class size : Small Group class.

Materials :

  • Copies of the flashcards to introduce the language

  • For the warm up game : A ball of cheap plasticine ; Flashcards to review previous class language ; a timer.

  • For “Climbing man race papercraft” : A piece of A4 paper for each student (And a couple of spares just in case of mistakes).

  • A printed copy of Addendix A for each student

  • Colouring pencils and erasers for students, if they don’t have their own.

  • The official card game, "Nanja Monja", or other card game to keep children busy while marking homework

Preparation time : 10 to 20 minutes to prepare the games

Instructions :

5 minutes

1. Have the class form a circle, and pass a ball between the students asking simple questions, such as “What’s your name?”, and reviewing a couple of questions of previous lessons.

5-10 minutes

2. Play a warm up game. Review language from a previous class with flashcards, then shuffle the flashcards and secretly hand one card to each student, making sure that other students do not see what card their classmate has been handed. Give each student a small ball of plasticine and show the class that they have 1 minute to recreate the vocabulary of their flashcard with the plasticine. Start the timer and let students make their models. When the timer is finished go around the class showing the models and having the students guess what has been recreated. Try to use "Let's..." as often as you are able to give students some context before this lessons target language has been introduced.

5-10 minutes

3. Introduce the target language and vocabulary with the flashcards.

15-20 minutes

4. To practice the language and for a little fun, teachers and students may enjoy making and playing with “Climbing Man Race Papercraft” : Instructions can be accessed by left-clicking the button below.

lets make and lets decorate English flashcards.
lets cut and lets throw English flashcards.
lets glue and lets fold English flashcards.

(10-15 minutes)

5. Though the Climbing Man activity will likely take up most of the class time, any teachers with students who whizz through activities, or to set as homework can use the worksheet of Appendix A.

(5 minutes)

6. Mark any homework, and play a simple game, such as the card game "Nanja Monja” to end the class (The official card game is cheap, and a great investment for future classes, but the game is also easily made using various silly images of monsters, that can be found and downloaded freely online with minimal effort).

Appendix A : Coloring worksheet