SG Infant Class : Easter party lesson

While we do usually teach Easter words, for us the main aim of a party class is to give students a break from studying, relax, and learn a little about western culture. Besides the egg and spoon race and the Easter egg hunt, there aren't many traditional games played at Easter, so we try to find games that involve balls (representing eggs), foxes, chickens, lambs, and other Easter words.

Lesson length : 30 to 40 minutes

Class size : Small Group class

Preparation time : 30 - 60 minutes to prepare the “Tissue Buster Colour Bingo” game, 30 - 60 minutes to prepare the “Easter Egg hunt”, 5 - 10 minutes to prepare the "Easter Egg Towers", and 20 - 30 minutes per egg (Because this craft requires glue to dry, prepare atleast a week before) to prepare "Self-Righting Eggs" and flashcards.

Materials :

  • For “Tissue Buster Colour Bingo” game : Create a game board by glueing paper cups with their inside base filled with different colours to a sheet of cardboard, then cover each cup by glueing tissue paper to the rims of the top; A printed copy of Appendix A : Bingo for each team; Colour crayons.

  • For "Easter Egg Hunt" : A map of the layout of the playing space with a variety of Easter-themed vocabulary indicating places with the space; Clues left at the indicated places of the map, whose answer lead students to the next clue location, or a prize.

  • For "Easter Egg Towers" : A pack of plastic eggs; Plasticine or another doughy substance to bind each egg together (make sure that it is safe for the age group of students).

  • For "Self-Righting Eggs" : Various materials (See webpage by left-clicking the button in instructions)

A completed "Tissue Buster Bingo" board in the shape of an Easter egg.

Appendix A : Bingo


1. Run through the vocabulary for colours, then play the colour song, "ROBOT 1,2,3", for an active way to begin class.

2. Play "Tissue buster bingo" : Hand a printed copy of ABC Bingo to each team. Have teams colour in the squares of the grid with colours of their choosing (But using the same colours that were used to colour the bases of the paper cups). Each turn a student pierces the tissue paper covering one of the cups to reveal the colour beneath. They then mark the matching colour from their bingo sheet. If a team is able to mark a line of three squares of their bingo sheet, that team wins.

3. If students are a little older and have a steady enough hand, play the “Easter Egg Tower” game : Instructions can be accessed by left-clicking the button below, otherwise you may like to try the more traditional "Easter Egg Hunt", which can be tailored to most age groups and levels of development.

4. Make an Easter craft with the class : The "Self-Righting Easter Egg" craft is easy for young learners. Being made of polystyrene, it is more durable than a normal egg, and harder for the young children to crush, although it requires longer preparation time before class.