SG Infant Class : Is it a boy / girl? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

Lesson length : 30 to 40 minutes

Class size : Small Group class

Preparation time : 15 to 20 minutes to prepare the game and flashcards

Materials :

  • A printed set of flashcards made by cutting each picture out of Appendix A

  • For “Hang it up” : Clothes pegs; a selection of different pictures of boys and girls; string.

  • For "Jump rope snakes" : A jump rope; flashcards from the lesson

  • A printed sheet of Appendix A : Worksheet for each student

Instructions :

Before class hang up two pieces of string between two chairs and label each string with a picture of a boy on one and a girl on another.

1. Begin class with a song, such as the "Hello song", then show the "boy" and "girl" flashcards. Have students repeat the new words. If teachers are unsure if students fully understand the word, show additional pictures of boys and girls and have them put the cards into categories. Then sing “I am a boy and you are a girl” from “C.E.I Menuts" at the weblink below work best. Teachers and children can point to the boy and girl as they sing together, and possibly to the boys and girls of the class.

2. Play the “Hang it up” game : Show students that one piece of string is for boys, the other is for girls and, one by one, hand students different pictures of boys and girls. The children should say which they have been given before hanging the picture from the correct string.

3. If students have understood the new words, ask them the target sentence "Is it a boy?" and introduce "Yes, it is" and "No, it isn't". Teachers can introduce extra words, such as "Lion", "Monkey", "Dog", and "Cat" if teachers think the students are capable.

3. Play a game of "Jump rope snakes" : Tie a jump rope to a chair leg and explain that one side is "Yes", and the other is "No". Then ask students questions about the cards. If the answer is "Yes", they must jump the rope to the "Yes" side, and if it is "No", they must jump back. If the answer is the same as the last question, they should stay where they are.

4. Sit down with the class and complete Appendix A : Worksheet. Students must color the O, if the answer is "Yes", and the X, if the answer is "No".

The photo above shows a game of "Hang it up" set up underneath a whiteboard. With no readily available clothes pegs, the teacher has fastened tape to the string. The child now need only stick the matching card to the correct line.

* The lesson card images of the photo are from the “Happy Valley” textbook series. For more information visit their site at

Lyrics : Hello, hello, hello, how are you?

I’m fine, I’m fine, I hope that you are, too! (Repeat)

Appendix A : Worksheet

is it a boy / girl infant kindergarten worksheet free material