SG Infant class : It’s a (animals on a farm)

Lesson length : 30 to 40 minutes

Class size : Small Group class

Preparation time : 15 to 20 minutes to prepare the game and flashcards

Materials :

  • For “What's missing” game : A set of flashcards

  • For "Pocket sorting" : Prepare eight "pockets" big enough to put flashcards into, attach them to walls around the room, and stick a picture of one of the flashcards the front of each pocket; Make 3 or 4 copies of each of the flashcards.

  • A printed set of Appendix A : Flashcards

  • A printed sheet of Appendix B : Worksheet for each student


1. Begin class with one or two songs. animal songs, such as “Let's go to the zoo” from "Super simple kids" at the weblink below work best. The song has lots of fun actions for the children to enjoy.

2. Show the flashcards to the class and repeat the words together.

3. Play the “What's missing?” game : Instructions can be accessed by left-clicking the button below.

4. Play "Pocket sorting" : Line students up and show one of the flashcard copies to the first student in line. That student must say the vocabulary of the card, then run and find the matching pocket on the wall. Once they have found the pocket, they place the flashcard copy inside and run to the back of the line. It is now the turn of the next student. Continue sorting the cards until all cards are gone, then ask each student to get the flashcard copies from the pockets and bring them back to you.

5. Sit down with the class and complete Appendix B : Worksheet. Students must draw the second halves of the animals, then write the names of the animals on the lines.

The photo above shows a simple flashcard pocket made by taping three side of the blue sheet together, leaving the top untaped and open. The vocabulary has been printed to the front of the front sheet, and the pocket then stuck to the wall.

* The bus image of the photo is from the "Happy Valley" textbook series. For more information visit their site at

Appendix A : Flashcards

english farmyard animals free flashcard materials to print and download for lessons teaching children in japan and ESL around the world

Appendix B : Worksheet

english farmyard animals free homework worksheet for kindergarten age to print and download for lessons teaching children in japan and ESL around the world