Slow Reveal

Online compatible? Yes.

Age group : Best played with students aged between 3 and 9.

Materials :

  • A set of flashcards

  • A blank sheet of paper

  • A timer (For single student classses)

Preparation time : The time required to make the flashcards.

Number of players : Ideal for groups but adaptable to single student classes.

Objective : To be the player with the most points.

Instructions :

Cover the image of your first flashcard with the paper and hold it up with the covered image facing your students. Slowly lower the paper to reveal the image on the card.

In a group class, the student who is able to identify the word(s) on the card first wins the point. Hide the image of your next flashcard and repeat. The student with the most points at the end of the game wins.

In a single student class challenge your student to guess as many cards as they are able to in a set time frame. Set a target number of correctly identified images before starting your timer. For example, you might tell your student that they must guess 5 cards by the time the alarm rings, and in subsequent rounds raise the stakes by demanding a higher number of correct guesses in the same time period.