Online compatible : No

Age group : Best played by students aged between 9 and 12

Materials :

  • A deck of playing cards

  • Spoons (There should be one fewer spoon than the number of students)

Preparation time : None

Number of players : Best played in groups of 3 or more students

Objective : To be the player with the most remaining lives.

Instructions :

Before beginning the game assign each student a certain number of "lives" (4 lives will usually last around 20 minutes). Place the spoons in the centre of the table. The dealer should distribute 4 cards to each student and place the remaining deck of cards in front of them. The dealer (For clarity of the rules, it would be advisable for the teacher to take the role of the dealer for the first game.) then begins the game by picking up a card from the deck and passing an unwanted card from their hand to the player to the left. Subsequent players around the table will do the same for their own hands. When the students have understood, increase the speed at which you draw new cards to make the game more frantic and fun. The objective is to collect 4 cards of the same value - i.e. 4 kings, 4 threes, etc. If a student completes a set of 4, they must then take a spoon from the centre. Upon seeing a spoon missing from the centre, other players must race to grab one of the remaining spoons. The student left without a spoon loses a life, and the next round begins by returning the spoons to the center, shuffling the deck and dealing 4 more cards to each player. The game ends when a player has lost all of their lives. The player with the most lives is declared the winner.