Up Jenkins

Online compatible : Yes - This game requires a stable connection. It is not an easy game to understand, but when students can understand, it is a lot of fun. Instead of only having one small item for the class, such as when the game is played in the classroom, each student must ready an object. First teach the words "left" and "right" to the class, then after splitting the class into teams, ask one team to close their eyes. Tell the other team to choose who will be hiding the object in their hand. The other team members place their own objects on the desk, out of sight of the camera. That team then holds their hands out in front of the camera where they can be seen. Allow the opponent team to open their eyes, and one by one choose which hand to eliminate, by calling a student's name and using the previously taught "left" and "right". For each hand that is eliminated, the team gains a point. If the hand with the object is opened the round ends. Swap roles after each round.

Age group : Best played by students aged between 6 and 10

Materials :

  • Each student needs something small enough to fit in one hand (A small eraser or pen cap works well)

Preparation time : None

Number of players : Works best in larger groups

Objective : To be the team with the most points.

Instructions :

Split the class into two teams. Assign one team the guessing team, and the other the hiding team. Have the guessing team close their eyes. Show the hiding team that they must hide a small object in one of the team member's hands. Place the object into that student's hand and have them close their hand so that the object can no longer be seen. Have all students close their hands similarly and place their closed hands on the table in front of them. Allow the guessing team to open their eyes. Members of the guessing team must try to eliminate the empty hands one by one, using a phrase such as "It's not here." until only the hand with the object inside is remaining. Each hand that is eliminated is one point for the guessing team, and if the hand with the object inside is the only hand remaining the guessing team scores an additional 2 points and that round ends. If the object is discovered before eliminateing the empty hands the round ends there. Once the round is finished, teams swap roles and play again. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.