Online compatible : Yes.

Age group : Best played by students aged between 6 and 10.

Materials :

  • A printed copy of Appendix S4 with counters cut out
  • A pen or pencil to mark the walls

Preparation time : Time taken to print a single copy of Appendix S4 and cut out the pieces (5-10 minutes)

Number of players : Works best in private classes.

Objective : To be the first team to reach the opposite side of the board.

english games walls to download, print and play for lessons teaching children in japan and ESL around the world from esl-classroom-games.com

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To begin, place counters at the square of the board indicated by the arrow, and assign each player a team - either cat or chicken.

Each turn a player may choose to either move their counter up, down, left or right, or place a wall to block their opponent.

When placing a wall, an online student may indicate where they wish the wall to be positioned by using the grid and stating whether the wall should be horizontal or vertical. A wall is then drawn by filling in two narrow rectangular blocks either side of the grid coordinate. Players can no longer pass through these blocks. * Walls may not be placed to block one player entirely.

Players may only use eight walls in tota. After placing a wall, one players must cross out one of their eight "walls remaining" from their appendix sheet.

The winner is the player who is first to successfully moves their piece to the opposite side of the board.

If this game is to be played online it would be advisable to send a copy of the worksheet to the student and have them print it out, cut out the counters and ready a pen or pencil of their own. The game can be played on a single sheet in front of the camera but students may strain their eyes to see the small details of the board.